Abakoran Campus, The Royal College Branch Campus, has been established at ABAKORAN area in 2004 to provide quality education to the society around its location and beyond. Its commencement has begun through opening the Business faculty in which three Degree programs, namely Accounting, Business Administration and Marketing Management are managed.

The Campus has aimed to produce skilled professionals in Business area supported by hard-working and ambitious team of diversified & well-experienced professionals in the fields of Accounting, Business Management and Marketing management.

Basically, All Programs are designed to produce graduates with adequate skills and knowledge who are capable to handle Business Activities in both private and public institutions in the country.
The specific objectives of the programs are listed below
1. To enable students to be equipped with the relevant analytical and critical thinking, oral and practical Business knowledge.

2. To spot and resolve practical organizational Business problems and enhancing the standards of the profession by actively encouraging instructors and students to participate in Business and applied research.

3. Supporting the efforts of organizations in designing and/or improving their Business knowledge of their employees.

4. Familiarizing students with developments taking place in Business environment
The aim of launching these particular campus and faculties can be rationalized as:
To fill human resources requirement gap in the country as a whole and to respond to the needs of the country for higher-level Business Professionals.
To produce skilled professionals in Business environment
To respond to the needs of the country for higher-level Business professionals.
The current demand for the program is very high. The target group of this program are TVET graduates of RC who passed the COC assessment and the rest are still striving to take COC in the near future.
A potential number of trainees from similar accredited colleges have been requesting the college to be admitted in the degree programs.