Here are some objectives:
  • Produces medium and high level trained personnel in business and Information Technology areas.
  • Expanding its services to local regions and diversifies its areas of specialization in faculties & Colleges.
  • Promotes community oriented research activities and establishes publication center
  • Offers short term training & consultancy services to organization and individuals.

TVET Program

Area of study/ TVET Program
1. Accounting
2. Secretarial Science and Office Management
3. Marketing Management

4. Human Resource Management
Information Technology (IT) Admission
1. Information Technology Support services (Level I & ll)
2. Hardware & Networking Servicing (Level lll &IV)

TVET Program Duration of study For:-
Regular Students
Level I------ Half a Year
Level II------One year
Level III-----Two years
Level IV-----Three Years
Extention Students
Level I------- One Year
Level II-------One & half years
Level III------Three years
Level IV------ Four Years
All TVET programs are accredited by TVET Agency!!

DEGREE Program

Area of study/ Degree Program
1. Accounting and Finance
2. Business Administration
3. Marketing Management

Degree Program Duration of study For:-
Regular Students:- It Takes 3 Years
Extension Students:- It Takes 4 Years

All Degree programs are accredited by higher education relevance & quality Agency(HERQA)!!!
Admission Requirement
Level I, Level II, Level III and Level IV as per the current admission policy of the TVET Agency.
  • Addis Ababa
Abakioran Campus 011-1266228
Piazza Campus 011-1-56-25-27/28/29
Addisu Gebye Campus
  • Adama Campus
  • Hossana Campus