Our Past

Royal college which started the school preparing language and computer training under the name Lancôme institute begin in 1997 with five staffs and 15 students. This humble beginning was a springboard to move in to Higher education.

The steady progress up ward was seen between 1997 and 1999 with enrollment growth of 150 students and 29 staffs members transformed as institute In its venture of Higher education , with emphasis of human resources developments of the country .

The institutes had a vision for a positive contribution to this noble and timely endeavor. In addition to foreign languages and computer training courses, Hotel managements and tour operation at certificate level were offered .

With its subjective for extension of development, the institutes were upgraded to a College level called Royal College with its Subjects and curricula newly lined up.

Consequently the college introduced new courses like Accounting, secretarial science and office Managements, Human resource Managements, Business administration, Marketing management and law, all are accredited by administrative of education. The courses are all computer supported.

The institute took recognition and work permit from region 14 Addis Ababa education bureau as Language and computer training school.
Now the Lancôme institute had been undergoing through a transforming vision, thus in the year 2000 , under the name Royal college receive the certificates of accreditation in six area of training at Diploma level , In Accounting ,Secretarial Science and Office managements ,Human Resource Management and Business administration from the ministry of education .
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