The Office of Quality Assurance



RC has evolved from a language, tourism, hotel Management & basic computer application training institute more than two decades ago to full- fledged college as of in 1991. The journey to attain college status has demanded an integrated and sustained hard work of the top management and the operational units.

This achievement further makes RC look forwarded and paves the way to realize the following vision and mission.
The vision of RC is to become one of the top five reputed private universities in Ethiopia by generating excellence in education training and research endeavor by the year 2018 E.C and contribute to the development of Ethiopia.
RC’S mission is really dedicated to facilitate and organize student’s development, intelligence, attitude, and skills required for productive, enlightened, and ethical citizens nationwide and global community of the 21st century.

RC identified strategic directions to guide institutional planning and operation for the year 2017/18. One of the strategic priorities is quality Assurance and Best Practices

As quality should be a necessary in every industry, it is indispensable requirement in higher education where a competent human resource is produced. In 2017 RC put in place its quality assurance center which is responsible for ensuring quality education and other service. Deliveries in place through its internal quality assurance mechanisms.

The office of Quality Assurance is departed from Research and community service and it established with a particular focus on academic quality and efficiency of other service deliveries in order to meet the vision & mission of the RC.

The office executed its duties through its two units:- Quality Assurance unit & Academic Development & Resource unit

Ever since its establishment, the office has done a lot of tasks to ensure the college’s ultimate aspiration of attaining the highest academic excellence and quality in all services rendered by the college.
The vision of office for quality Assurance is to assist RC to become Quality Assured College that would contribute to the national’s competitive advantage through creation and dissemination of knowledge.

The mission of office for Quality Assurance is to carry out quality assurance service to the college and other stakeholders as may be needed The Academic Development and resource unit is responsible for:-
  • Organizing and conduct pedagogical training for the departments.
  • Collaboration with individual academic staff as well as teaching teams in aspects of teaching & learning as identified by the staff.
Major duties
Quality Assurance office is empowered to follow up and monitor the quality academic, research and community services that RC seeks to attain eventually. Pursuant to RC ultimate goal, the office handles among others the following tasks under into two units.
The Quality Assurance unit is entrusted with

  • Participating in framing of strategic plan of the college.
  • Overseeing the formulation of action plan and its implementation.
  • Conduction quarterly monitoring and evaluation on implementation of planned activities of the college’s operational units;
  • Producing evaluation reports based on monitoring
  • Providing training on quality assurance and enhancement practices to the college staff
  • Coordinating institutional & program self assessment
  • Publishing quarterly news letter, “Quality Matters”, which focuses on educational quality
  • Undertaking comprehensive evaluating such as evaluation of instructors, departments, and evaluation of staffs.
  • Conduct research related to educational quality.
This unites provide the following services to the royal college
  • Undertaking planned and systematic reviews of the teaching –learning process at the college to determine whether acceptable standard of education is being maintained and continuously enhanced, through comprehensive evaluation –students’ evaluation of the instructors, department staff evaluation and staff own self-assessments.
  • Carry out quarterly monitoring and evaluation on implementation of planned activates of the college’s operational units and produce evaluation reports.
  • Coordinate and conduct institutional and program self assessment
  • Purplish quarterly newsletter which focuses on quality issues of education
  • Making sure that the college ‘s quality assurance process complies with accepted standard